Getting Started

Your ultimate goal may be to be a Professional caddie on a Professional tour but a good place to start is learning how to caddie at a local country club.

Caddieing can be done by young  and older men and women.

The New York  Metropolitan Golf Association publishes the following:

Getting Started As A Caddie: A Guide For Beginners

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Watch a Caddie Training video.


  1. Learn all fourteen clubs and how and when they are used.
  2. Watch the flight of the ball and memorize its position once it comes to rest.
  3. Make sure divots are replaced.
  4. Smooth the sand in the bunkers.
  5. Walk ahead of your player; don’t lag behind.
  6. Don’t step in any player’s line of putt on the putting green.
  7. Learn the yardage of each hole and know where the yardage markers are on each hole.
  8. Handle player’s clubs and bag with care; don’t swing clubs or lean on them.
  9. Don’t touch the ball while it is in play.
  10. Hustle, stay quiet and if you don’t know—ask.

A more detailed description can be found in the Western Golf Association Evans Scholars Foundation’s Caddie Manual

Sankaty Head Caddie Camp – Nantucket Island, MA

A  Boys Summer Camp for 8th, 9th and 10th graders.

Colorado Golf Association’s Solich Caddie & Leadership Academy

From these beginnings, caddies can find work at country clubs, at golf resorts, or on a professional tour. The work can be seasonal, part time, or full time. It can last for a summer or two up to many years.