Back at it – 1990 and 1991

I spent quite a bit of time in St. Andrews, Scotland in 1990 working on a couple of projects that might allow me to live there permanently. When the money ran out I returned to the USA. What do I do now?  I’ll caddie. The last week of August I took trains from Springfield MA to Indianapolis to hopefully find a bag at that week’s Senior Tour event, the GTE North Classic. Rabbit Dyer, Gary Player’s long time caddie set me up with Agim Bardha.

Agim,  a hairdresser from Michigan, was an excellent amateur player who, on a suggestion from a friend, qualified for the Senior Tour after he turned 50. I was glad to have a bag because I think I only had about $300 to my name.

I caddied for Agim for several weeks, but I got fired. Luckily I hooked up with George Lanning for the last few tournaments of the year. George, a left hander, was a club pro from Washington State who had no previous Tour experience but he had qualified for the Senior Tour in 1988. George was a delight to work with. We worked a few tournaments in early 1991. At some point he said he was going to take some time off to rest. Unfortunately George passed away in May from heart related problems.

I considered going to Europe to caddie but decided against it. As you’ll see from other posts I next caddied in 1993.