The Nike Tour 1993

I was working as a radio DJ in White River Junction VT but had some health problems that made me give that up. Once again, what now?

Oh yeah, caddieing.

The Senior Tour still sounded like the place to go but it didn’t work out. I had heard of a new tour called the Nike Tour, the equivalent of today’s Korn Ferry Tour, and they had a tournament coming up in Greenville, SC so that’s where I headed. Upon arrival, I found out they were using a sign-up sheet for caddies. A caddie was assigned a number ( I got 13 ) and that was matched to players requesting a caddie.  That’s how I hooked up with Sonny Skinner. I liked the fact he had won a tournament three weeks previously and he liked that I had 4 wins on the Senior Tour. I worked for Sonny the rest of the year.