My intro to Professional caddieing

In the Summer of 1985 I got a call from Rich Hurley. I had worked for Rich in 1975 at Tavistock Country Club in Haddonfield, NJ as part of the Summer placement portion of my Turf Management degree at The Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Rich was the agronomist at Loft Seed  company when I worked for them in 1984.

Rich called to ask if I’d be interested in caddieing for Bruce Crampton on the new Seniors Tour ( he would be turning 50 years old ). I wasn’t sure at the time but wisely said yes. In Oct. I took a train from Springfield, MA to Kissimmee, FL and continued on to Melbourne’s Suntree CC for the Barnett Suntree Classic.

I met Bruce at the tournament and got a quick introduction to professional caddieing. I did well enough that Bruce invited me to become his full time caddie. I returned to Boca Raton, FL in November to caddie in the Quadel Senior Classic. ( As a side note to this tournament, for two days in the Pro-Am portion of the event one of the amateurs in our group was Bucky Dent. My fellow Red Sox fans will know what an odd experience that was. )



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